Golf Course Sand

What makes us different -- Our sand is mixed on our premises with the highest quality materials available. We own our trucks therefore we can maintain the highest level of cleanliness and make sure you only receive what you ordered. We also offer aeration and top dressing services for athletic fields
and lawns.

The Products We Offer:

  • Regular top dressing
  • Champion Bermuda top dressing
  • Green colored top dressing sand and mixes
  • Black colored top dressing sand and mixes
  • Regular bunker sand
  • Tennessee white
  • Dakota mixes: reed sege peat moss
  • Profile mixes: porous ceramic
  • Peat mixes: canadian spaghnum peat moss

Bunker Sand: There are four major areas that must be considered when evaluating bunkers. These are sand selection, architecture, construction, and maintenance. Selecting the proper sand for bunkers is arguably the most difficult of these four areas. The makeup of the sand strongly impacts maintenance and playing quality. The sand can also influence the architecture and style of construction of bunkers.

Values for and interpretation of particle size, shape and penetrometer value, crusting potential, chemical reaction and hardness, and infiltration rate all should be determined by an accredited physical soil testing laboratory. Color and overall playing quality are highly subjective values that are based on personal preference.