Top Dressing


Top Dressing means to spread a layer of sand or sand plus organic material over the turf surface. The material is then dragged to evenly distribute it across the field. This prolongs the effects or aeration by preventing hole closures. Top dressing evens the surface of the field and helps prevent thatch buildup by providing a better environment for microorganisms.

Why you should top dress?
It creates a smooth playing surface. A smooth playing surface is critical for player performance and safety. That same smooth surface also serves as an uninterrupted slope for drainage.
Modifies the thatch layer that accumulates on low use areas of the field.
Changes the soil texture. If the soil of your field is unsuitable, gradual top dressing will slowly incorporate more favorable material and improve soil conditions over time.
Can change the surface characteristics and provide a more resilient surface for play.
Will provide a more favorable environment for germination. When grass is lost to activities on the field, the field must be over seeded. Top dressing provides a more favorable environment for germination.